nedeľa 19. apríla 2015


Some years ago I used to make plaster sculptures.
There were a lot of them, most were sold but I left a couple at home and here's my Venus.
I had a lot of fun altering this one.

I covered my sculpture with a layer of White Gesso and then, using a sponge, I applied Gesso mixed with Bolivian Blue Silk paint.

The whole sculpture was sprayed with a mix of Blue Mica Powderand water to achieve a shiny effect.

I used a stencil to create a floral pattern on the back and a round stamp on the front of my Venus.

I also used some blue shades of GelatosLindy's Stamp Gang sprays and alcohol inks - I sprayed all of this with water and let them run to create interesting stains.
I used the same technique for the hair, this time applying Silks with a lot of water.

I added some pieces of torn gauze that I also colored with my sprays.

Have fun Mixed Media Place!


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