pondelok 27. apríla 2015

A New TV

I haven't been watching tv lately. Our tv broke down and to be honest, nobody in my family misses it.
I felt inspired to alter and old metal tv set bought some time ago. I had this thought that we could be looking at something more interesting than just another tv program. ;)

The clock face was decorated separately. I took a ribbon spool and glued the metal elements and some ball chain.
I covered everything with White Gesso.

Then I took a sponge and applied Black Gesso. I added black Micro Beads on the edges of my spool.
I applied JadeHydrangea and Ice Blue Inka Gold pastes with my fingers and left everything to dry.

The whole tv set was painted with Black Gesso and all the edges and metal embelishments were also touched with Inka Gold.

My special tv set opens so I decided to use rather small elements and paints.
I created the texture in the background with Black Gesso and The Crafter's Workshop stencil.
I added black Micro Beads there too and some more metal embelishments - everything painted with black Chalkboard Paint.
I added some highlights with Inka Gold and finally glued my previously decorated clock face.

The bottom inside my set was painted with Glossy Accents and sprinkled with Micro Beads.
To finish off, I added the cogs and my special new tv was ready.

I must confess that I was planning to create a layout but somehow I ended up with another 3D project. :) I hope you like it!

Lots of hugs,

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