nedeľa 20. septembra 2015

Creative Gym - Exercise #12 "Proverbs & Sayings"

Hello mixed media fans!
Proverbs & Sayings are leading us through everyday life. There is lots of love, experience and truth in them. 
Have you got your favourite one ?

My art speaks about gifts and people. You will find people with no money but with big hearts giving most precious gifts. You will find some rich ones who will accept the gift with big pride and respect, which will keep their gift in a very special place, they will see a HUMAN in those gifts.    
The value of the gifts depends on the size of the donor heart.

I stamped a lot by using my favourite black Archival Ink. I created textures with an old jagged canvas. 

The woman-horse on the photo was my inspiration for this journal. The saying is in latin:
EQUI DONATI DENTES NON INSPICIUNTUR (Never look a gift-horse in the mouth.)

I am looking forward to see your makes with your favourite proverbs & sayings!

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