štvrtok 28. mája 2015

No one wants the tears of clown

I love being inspired by music. To create this make I was inspired by metal piece 'Tears of clown'. 
Recently I realized that the music often speaks for myself, another words music says things that I could not express on my own. 
It is the same with all my art creations, those can say way more than me.

To create my works I choose 2 canvases 20x20cm which I covered with black gesso first.
I like to work on dark surfaces recently. So many new possibilities.
My next step was to dry paint my canvases with white gesso and add some stenciling.
Additionally I made few stamps with white ink and splashes with white Ecoline.

In order to create my words and gold lines I used stamps and embossing powder. 
I added some washi tape, micro beads and cheesecloth.

'I hope when your lips are smiling, your heart smile too.'

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  1. Ale wyczarowałaś klimat, to jest odurzające... ciemne tło daje niesamowite efekty struktury płótna - wyszło fantastycznie :)