nedeľa 17. mája 2015

Mixed Media Place Creative Gym - Exercise #8

The Drawing theme is very close to my heart. I just love drawing and in this project I decided to draw my own fragile soul. You may not believe it but it's a piece that I've been searching for for 10 years to hang up in my liviing room.
My base is a canvas coated with a thin layer of White Gesso. I left it to dry and then let my imagination guide me.

I drew the face with a pencil and then used a thin black pen. In between my hair I hand-written some of my qualities. I added some machine stitching and my crinkly hairdo was ready. :)

Some part of the face and the hair were painted with a paintbrush and... instant coffee.
It's all quite simple really - canvas, gesso, a pen, some thread and coffee. Sometimes you don't need much more to create a project you have in your heart.

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