sobota 27. júna 2015

Book of magic

Hello mixed media fans!
Since I was a child I loved reading books. I always believed that all the magical fairies, princesses, goldfish, elves and dragons live inside the book. I also knew that book is a magical place, where all the tales are alive!

I must say I went a little crazy with today's make as I tried to create a magical feeling. What do you think, did I make it?

I took an old book and cut out the middle part with my craft knife. I used Magic glue to stick all the pages together. All you need is glue the sides of the pages, put some heavy books on top and let it dry. 

My next step was to cover it with white gesso. After the gesso was dry I added some colour with sprays (greens and brown tones), added some paper bits and stamps. 

As my final touches I added resin and metal elements. As my final step I added coloured cheeseclothand micro beads.

I hope you enjoyed the walk to my magical world.

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