štvrtok 19. marca 2015

Creative Gym - Exercise #6

I love typography and letters of all kinds and shapes. Ever since I remember, I've loved writing and I often use calligraphy and hand write in my projects.
I had an idea to decorate a 3D letter as I haven't tried that before. I dream of having a kitchen in industrial style so I decided to create some nice decor for it.
I was going to create the word "ART" out of styrofoam letters I have at home but... somehow I could only find "A". :)

Using Soft Matte Gel, I glued all kinds of papers scraps onto my styrofoam letter, vertically and horizontally. Then, I added one more layer of Soft Matte Gel and dried the whole thing.

I added Ingvild's metal screw headsbolts and nuts here and there.

I painted everything with Black Gesso and dried.

To achieve the metal effect I took a dry brush and gently wiped a little bit of Gold and Turquoise Inka Gold metallic rubs.

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